The Association of Graduate Engineering Students (AGES) is a student organization that represents and coordinates activities for graduate students at the McKelvey School Of Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis). AGES was formed in March 1993 and was officially approved and granted a budget in 1994.

The mission of AGES is to:

  • Function as a channel of communication between the university and students to promote mutual benefits
  • Serve as an organizing body to promote the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional welfare of engineering students
  • Unite the diverse body of graduate engineering students and to improve communications among engineering students

To fulfill this mission, AGES organizes and sponsors a full calendar of activities throughout the year, ranging from purely professional to completely casual. In addition, AGES sends representatives to the Professional and Graduate Student Coordinating Committee (ProGradS), the campus-wide Graduate Student Senate (GSS), and the Graduate Professional Council (GPC).

More information about our bylaws can be found here.