09/17/22 Float Trip

AGES is excited to have 50 attendees joined in the float trip event last Saturday. Hope you guys all had fun and made new friends there.

09/10/22 Middle/High School Student Workshop

AGES partnered with the Science Coach program to host a workshop for middle and high school students. These students learned about the different types of engineering, including current research areas and applications. The students then worked with graduate student mentors to brainstorm and refine their own research project ideas. Also, the students got to visit several research labs to see the different types of equipment used in WashU engineering research. Overall, the workshop was a great experience to give back to our St. Louis community. Many thanks to all those who volunteered!

09/02/22 Welcome BQQ

We were mind blown how many of you showed up – this might have been the biggest AGES Happy Hour yet! We hope everyone had as much fun as we had – this was the perfect start to the semester and a wonderful opportunity for all incoming students to make new friends. :sparkles:Big shout out to everyone who helped make this event possible and to Tiger Nie, our social chair, for organizing it.