Wiete Fehner (she/her/hers), President

Imaging Science


As the AGES President, Wiete works with the rest of the executive board to shape the direction of AGES and coordinate with the engineering school administration to fully utilize the available student resources.

Kaushik Dutta (he/him/his), Vice President

Imaging Science


As the AGES Vice President, Kaushik serves as an advisor to the current officers. This position is reserved for the immediate past president to maintain the transfer of knowledge from one board to the next.

Tiger Nie (), Social Chair

Biomedical Engineering


As the AGES Social Coordinator, Tiger oversees the social programming for engineering graduate and professional students. Key events AGES sponsors include Coffee Breaks, Weekly Happy Hour, Annual Float Trip, and the Joint GPC/GSS Welcome Picnic.

Ruixue Zhang (she/her/hers), Communications Chair

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering


As the AGES Communications Officer, Ruixue maintains the website and adds upcoming events to the calendar. She is responsible for updating the social media platforms to reflect upcoming AGES events, as well as, sending out the AGES email update containing general announcements and event reminders.

Saugat Pandey (he/him/his), Treasurer

Computer Science and Engineering


As the AGES Treasurer, Saugat maintains the budget and is responsible for organizing the allocated funds for both AGES sponsored and collaborative events.

Yue Rao (she/her/hers), Professional Development Chair

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering


As the AGES Professional Development Chair, Yue is responsible for organizing the Career Slam Event and working directly with Graduate Career Services to coordinate programs specifically for engineering students to enhance their resumes and practical interviewing/networking skills. 

Suzanne Russo (she/her/hers), Community Outreach Coordinator

Institute for Material Science of Engineering


As the AGES Community Outreach Coordinator, Suzanne is responsible for organizing collaborative events to foster a positive relationship between the engineering graduate community and the local St. Louis region. 

Jie Fei (he/him/his), Social Media Chair

Biomedical Engineering


As the AGES Social Media Chair, Jie is responsible for engaging with the AGES community on social media, as well as posting AGES updates, events, and happenings. This position was newly created by the AGES executive board to increase engagement and communications within AGES and collaborators.

GPC Representatives: Wiete Fehner, Tiger Nie, and Saugat Pandey


The Officers-At-Large support the executive board in, for example, planning and executing social, community outreach, and professional development events.

Yuanyuan He (she/her/hers)


Lien Zhu (He/His/Him)


Aakriti Bagla (she/her/hers)


Ritvik Ranjan


Shaochen Wu