Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

Suzanne Russo, President

As AGES President, Suzanne works closely with the executive board to shape the direction of AGES. She also coordinates with the engineering school administration for efficient utilization of student resources. Suzanne enjoys actively engaging in various leadership roles within the graduate student community. Beyond her academic pursuits, she finds joy in biking, cooking, and exploring St. Louis.

Imaging Science

Wiete Fehner, (she/her/hers), Vice President

I’m Wiete, an Imaging Science PhD student focusing on advanced brain mapping methods. I chose WashU for its collaborative and interdisciplinary atmosphere, which allows me to work with peers from diverse backgrounds. I love shaping the WashU student community and have served as AGES president in the past year. Excited to now be vice president on the new board!

Computer Science & Engineering

Saugat Pandey (he/him/his), Social Chair

As Social Chair, Saugat is responsible for overseeing the social programming for engineering graduate and professional students. With events like Coffee Breaks, Weekly Happy Hour, the Annual Float Trip, and the Joint GPC/GSS Welcome Picnic, Saugat ensures a lively and engaging social calendar for all. Get ready for an exciting year ahead as Saugat brings the AGES community together through unforgettable experiences and opportunities for connection.

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Yu Yan (they/them/theirs), Communications Chair

As the AGES Communications Officer, Yu maintains the website and adds upcoming events to the calendar. She is responsible for updating the social media platforms to reflect upcoming AGES events, as well as, sending out the AGES email update containing general announcements and event reminders.

Imaging science

Sanskar Thakur (he/him/his), Treasurer

As the AGES Treasurer, Sanskar maintains the budget and is responsible for organizing the allocated funds for both AGES sponsored and collaborative events.

Imaging Science

Sneha Das Gupta (she/her/hers), Professional Development Chair

As the AGES Professional Development Chair, Sneha is responsible for organizing the Alumni Networking Event, and working directly with Graduate Career Services to coordinate programs specifically for engineering students to enhance their resumes and networking/ presentation skills.

Biomedical engineering

Kiki Bonetta-Misteli (she/her/hers), Community Outreach Coordinator

As the AGES Community Outreach Coordinator, Kiki is responsible for organizing collaborative events between engineering graduate students and the St. Louis community to encourage diverse engagement in engineering.

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Das Bedadeep (he/him/his), Social Media Chair

I’m Das, a PhD student in the EECE department at WashU Danforth Campus. My role as the AGES Social Media Chair involves engaging with the AGES community on social media, as well as posting updates, events, and happenings related to AGES on social media. My hobbies outside of academics include watching movies, listening to rock music, and hiking.

GPC Representatives: Suzanne Russo, Sanskar Thakur, and Saugat Pandey


The Officers-At-Large support the executive board in, for example, planning and executing social, community outreach, and professional development events.

Yuanyuan He (she/her/hers)

Aakriti Bagla (she/her/hers)

Ritvik Ranjan